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Having a presence on the web has become a "must-have" almost for every business. This website supports the building and implementation of the most popular platform online, which is WordPress. Hosting companies support WordPress because of its importance, but the success of the site depends a great deal on the design and layout. Anyone wanting and needing a top-quality designed WordPress Webdesign can rely on the experts here to provide the tips and information they need to achieve this. A WordPress web design is a representation of its owner. It must be designed to make that first impression one that is going to bring results.

Some Popular Host Services

30 Sep 2020


Some popular web hosts can be found easily on the internet. HostGator is one of the largest. It has different plans depending on the needs of the user. GoDaddy is not the most popular, but it is accessible for most budgets. More host services are available on the web.

How Increased Mobile Phone Use is affecting Web-based Businesses

3 Sep 2020

Developments in technology have affected the entire world, but without a doubt, business is one of the most impacted categories. The rise in popularity of using mobile phones and cellular devices has definitely contributed, but how? Let's have a closer look.

Ways in Which Mobile Devices affect Web-based Businesses

It's clear that mobile technology has significantly altered the way web-based businesses operate. Let's look at some of the main ways in which this is true.

Website Formatting

With the increase in mobile phone and tablet use, people tend to do more things remotely. In 2020, reports project mobile commerce sales of $2.91 trillion. That's a rise of 25.4% from 2019.

Such a significant increase in the number of sales made on mobile platforms increases the need for web-based businesses to offer mobile-optimized websites.

Statisticians claim that customers are 67% more likely to buy goods on a mobile-optimized platform. Accordingly, you're 67% less likely to get successful sales online if you don't optimize your website for mobile use. This is why money-transfer apps and e-wallets are being designed for mobile use, often requiring just the user’s fingerprint as a secure yet fast log-in method.

One of the significant ways in which mobile phones' popularity has affected web-based businesses is a mass movement towards mobile-optimized websites. One of the things to consider when optimizing a site for mobile is that it has to look well and work well in Portrait mode. Game developers have realised this a long time ago; casino games like online slots, for example, are now being developed in HTML5 with a slightly different design that looks great on mobile, and which enables players to spin by tapping the screen. 

Website Efficiency

The increase in mobile-driven purchases has affected e-commerce by affecting loading times. Search engines like Google automatically reject pages if they take longer than a particular time to load.

The increase in mobile driven-purchasing and web browsing has resulted in increased scrutiny in those areas. If your mobile loading speed is slow, you're statistically less likely to show up on a web search.

If your page loading time changes from one second to three, the chances that your website will be rejected become as high as 32%. If it changes from one second to six, the possibility of your site being rejected is almost 100%. Mobile loading times are paramount.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is another way in which mobile phone use affects e-commerce. Rather than being geared towards full-word searches, target-specific SEO results may instead lean towards abbreviations and other vocabularies commonly used on mobile devices.


Increased mobile phone usage has affected businesses in many ways. As you've seen, website design and efficiency have had to improve to be recognized by search engines. Indeed, even the way that search engines operate, and their effectiveness, have been affected by mobile phone usage.

It’s wise for businesses to take advantage of these changes. Mobile phones are here to stay, and they will continue to sculpt e-commerce.

Why Choose WordPress?

30 Aug 2020

WordPress is undoubtedly seen as one of the most popular platforms for building blogs and websites because of its simple usability, SEO and easy to manage dashboard. It uses web design themes and plugins, making it easier for those without IT skills or creativity. WordPress also offers discounts on external services including web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

28 Jul 2020

Web hosting provides a service for individuals and organisations to put a page on the web. The host ensures that people can see and interact with the website using various coding and technology. The web page is then added to a server and people can use a website address to access the page.